Batch Filename Copy?

Is there a way to copy and paste filenames like you can with tags? I have two sets of the same audio files and I would like to copy the file names from one to the other. If anyone could help me with this that would be great!


If you have the same data in the tags, it should be easy to create the same filename with the Convert>Tag-Filename function.

If this is not possible (which I doubt) then you would have to import the filename into a user-defined field in the source files.
Then copy&paste the tags to the target files and use the Convert>Tag-Filename function with the contents of the user-defined field to rename the file.

It is not possible if the files are in the same folder, because there would be duplicate filenames, which is not possible.

I am able to copy the tag to filename but I am trying to use the filenames that iTunes is giving the audio files. Example: 03 Preacher_s Kid (Song For William.m4a These file names are not taken directly from the tags. I would love to find a way to copy and paste the file names from one set of audio files to the other. The audio files are in separate folders so the same names wouldn't be a problem. Maybe there is another program out there that can do a batch copy and paste of file names. I will keep looking. Thanks for your help.

Do the files have different tags or do they differ in any way?
Otherwise: Why not copy the files instead of mangling with two same files in different locations.


First of all:

Sorry for my bad english.

If the files has the same name, an option is use the "autonumering wizard" function to the tags.

Then use "tag - filename" function, with this would not be duplicate filenames

With this you had change the file name.

Also remember that with MP3TAG the files that you have in this program can be move it if you select it and then with the mouse you move it to other folder.

Copy the _FILENAME to a user-defined field e.g. tmp_filename (action of the type format value for TMP_FILENAME, format string: %_filename%
Copy the tags (including the user-defined field) to the target file.
Use the Convert>Tag-Filename function with %TMP_FILENAME% to create the new filename.
You may delete the user-defined field afterwards.