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First of all, thanks for all the contributions in lyrics tagging. It has already helped me a lot.
I'm new on this forum, but i read it for quite a while.

But I still have a problem : I have a big bunch of songs I'd like to tag for lyrics.
According to the fact that a common day is 24 hours long, I will need something like 10 years to do the whole thing, and 8 new eyes to replace mine ! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, unless my eyes are already too tired and i haven't seen this on the forum :rolleyes: , is there a way with Mp3tag to tag the lyrics of several songs in a row ?

Thanks in advance for the answer.


Only if you have a source which has all the lyrics of your songs in one place.
So most propably not.

I found two programs on the net that work with iTunes:

Fabio's iTunes lyrics Downloader

and Soundcrank

Fabio's works well, in that it will search for the lyrics to any tracks you highlight in your itunes library in one shot, and update them when it finds them. It searches the lyricswiki database.

I've found that it finds about 80% of what I throw at it. About 5% come back unfound (perhaps because of artist / album / title discrepancies or spelling variations) and 15% come back only with partial lyrics, usually followed by a message like "Unfortunately, we are not licensed to display the full lyrics for this song at the moment. Hopefully we will be able to in the future. Until then, how about a random page?" So, I created a custom action that deletes partial lyrics downloaded from LyricsWiki via Fabio's, that I run after downloading lyrics (attached).

I also add this column to MP3 tag's file browser to keep track of which songs were updated:

Name - Lyrics
Field - %unsyncedlyrics%
Value - $iflonger($len(%unsyncedlyrics%),1,Yes,$if(%unsyncedlyrics%,No,))

"Yes" indicates complete lyrics; "No" indicates Fabio's found them but they weren't complete and the incomplete lyrics were deleted by my custom action (attached). " " Indicates the lyrics field does not exist (I start with all lyrics tags removed) and thus the lyrics were not found.

Soundcrank seems to get its lyrics from somewhere else, as it finds many that Fabio's doesn't, but it is a pain in the ass to run as it always crashes on me. And I also find I have to do one song at a time to make sure it saves the lyrics. But if it works, it does work well enough to beat any other method I've yet found, save from Fabio's.

Few more things about Fabio's - it's UI is in Italian (I can't seem to change it), I have to run it as an Administrator on my Win 7 64 bit Install, and my internet browsers stop responding while it is running. But all that aside, it is the best I've found until something better can be discovered.

I also attached a pair of actions I use to simplify the tags of my tracks (to which I sometimes add additional info to in parentheses or brackets) and remove or replace special characters; that I use to have better success rates downloading lyrics via batch processing.

Remove_Partial_Lyrics__But_Keep_Tag__Correct_to__Instrumental_.mta (577 Bytes)

Simplify_Artist__Album__and_Title_Tag_Data_for_Downloading_Lyrics.mta (1.53 KB)

Fix_Artist__Album__and_Title_Tag_Data_After_Downloading_Lyrics.mta (206 Bytes)

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