Batch formatting tags and filenames

Hi, This program rocks!!

I have file name 03-artist-title-whatever.mp3
I would like to remove whatever part from the file name. The whatever part is included in the title tag field.

Plus, I would like to remove all the tags that I don't need including some pics and lyrics. yet, I'd like to keep artist, title, etc...

Then, having the output of files as,
artist - title.mp3
at one action, using action function.

Is this possible. I, personally, couldn't figure out how. I really appriciate your help, experts!!


You can select the files you want to edit and change the field values of the fields you don't want to keep to < blank >. Additionally, hitting [ALT+T] will pop up a window containing more tag fields. Again, tell MP3Tag to delete the fields you don't want to keep.

You can use the Tag - Filename wizard for that. Hit [ALT+1] and type in artist% - %title%.


Thanks to your reply, Sebastian Mares.

Maybe, I did not explain well. in my title field, there is...,
title of the song - mp3s
eg.) It's My Life - mp3s
I would like to get rid of all <-mp3s> from the title.
Yes, I know how to do it manually. I have tonz of files in that way. So that, it is painful for me to do manually.

Also, Would it be possible to delete some fields such as comments, by using some scripting?


You can create a new action which should replace the file name with a regular expression. Use...

(.*) - (.*)\.(.*) regular expression and...

$1.$3 replace string.

Please see my post above on how to blank tag fields.


Thanks a lot!!
Now, everything is working!!