Batch genre from directory title?

Hi everyone. Just what I thin is a quick question. But I could be wrong.

Can I (with the click of a button and all files loaded from all directories) have mp3tag change or update the genre of the file to what the directory title is?

So for example ABBA has a genre of disco and it's located in my 70's folder.
Men without hats has a genre of Pop and it's in my 80's folder. Both folders are located in MP3-PRECLEAN/

I would want to run something that will change the genre of the ABBA song to 70's and the Men Without Hats to 80's.

Is that easily done or doable? Thanks.


You do not give a detailed example so I can only point into the general direction.
Use the converter FIlename-Tag.

Enter a mask with backslashes
The mask depends a lot on the directory structure. e.g. if your structure is something like

then use a mask like this:
This will copy 70s to GENRE.

Just before you start: as each decade has various kinds of music it may be wiser to fill the tag YEAR instead of GENRE esp. if the GENRE is already filled with sensible data ... but that is naturally completely up to you.