Batch increment of ISRC numbers

Hello all,

I was able to add ISRC, but is it possible to increment ? with a function, I guess ?
if I have a list of 30 titles, it's a bit tedious to enter them one by one.
thanks !

You could create an action of the type "Format value" or use the function Converter>Tag-Tag either for ISRC.
Format string: $add(%isrc%,%_counter%)

Very nice, thank you !
although, I would ideally need 2 "wildcard" instead of 1, meaning that the ISRCs would go from AAA1009 to AAA1010 (now it gives out AAA1009 and then AAA10010)
CDs go from track 01 to 99, it goes the same with ISRCs.
I've tried other combinations and didn't suceed... !
if you have an idea, I'd be very grateful !

Same as before for ISRC
Format string: AAA10$num(%_counter%,2)

This works perfectly... many thanks !!

Just for the record:

The official ISRC codes are always 12 characters long, in the form "CC-XXX-YY-NNNNN". (The hyphens are not part of the ISRC code itself, but codes are often presented that way in print to make them easier to read)

Source: International Standard Recording Code - Wikipedia including the instructions how to obtain valid codes

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