Batch Jpg Program and Import Text

I've allowed myself to let my library get to huge and now modifiying / updating folders have become a burder.

Is there a program to allow renaming jpg folders? Let me go into further detail.

Under each folder i have a CD Cvr Folder for that paticular album. I need a program that will allow batching but labels it by the albums title.

see Sample:
Attachment 6391 not found.


Deborah Latz - lifeline - Covers. I can do it individually but want to batch several albums at once.


Your sample is missing.
What is the folder structure now and in the future and how do you want to name your covers?

Actually, I did not see an attachment.

If you have embedded the pictures, you could use the action "export cover" and add a path component to the picture name:
%artist% - %album% - Covers\%album%.jpg

You then look for the folder CD Cvr and delete it. THis should be possible with the Windows Explorer.

i've added a few samples. not sure if it can work. Manually, I can do it.

Only the folder Jpg is embedded.

here's what it looks like before i manually edit the folder


If the picture files already have the album name more or less, it may be possible to use the
Convert>Filename-Filename function
e.g. Aretha Franklin - Original Recording - 1999 - 1

would be the pattern
Source: %1 - %2 - %3 - %4
so you could try
..\%1 - %2 - %3\%1 - %2 - %3 - %4

And you have to add *.jpg to the list of read files in Tools>Options>Tags

Enable MP3Tag to show JPG-files. Go to Tools => Options => Tags => Restrict incoming files to
and add *.jpg to the list.

Read all folders into MP3Tag.
Set the filter to "%_extension% HAS jpg

Now you see only the JPG-files.

Define an action:
Type: Format Value
Format String: %_parent_directory% - Covers

Always test this and other suggested solutions not with your original files and structure but within a test-environment.

So Far, So Good. More than i expected but need a few tweaks.

currently, it will modify the folder name. Excellent, that alone will save be a lot of work. What it doesn't do is change the jpg title. i'll provide a sample in a moment. The jpgs within the folder is currently Front, back inlay. I'm tryingto get it to change:


to read

Amy Winehouse Back
Amy Winehouse Front
Amy Winehouse label.

The big issue is it will not allow me to write witihn MP3Tag. Just as you would bring up a mp3 folder and it creates the meta tag from Discog... I can not manually enter in the album tilte and have it change it. It states can't open the file for writing. The only thing I can think of besides not inputting the action cotrrect, it things it's a Mp3 instead of a jpg. Although the illustration shows MP3 and jpgs in the view i can display jpgs only and it still will not take the changes. I took your example modified it to show Filename instead of "directory" and it works but it only changes the jpg name to the album name, but not to specify front or back. Not bad, i found a program that will change the jpg, but not the folder name. So with that take a look

I know it's a lot if you have suggestion or somthing i over looked thanks... but what it does do it does well.

Why do you want to name a cover-file by the artist? A cover belongs to an album and to my opinion it should be named "ARTIST - ALBUM -FRONT".

MP3Tag deals with tags in special music-files like mp3, flac ..., not with meta-data of JPGs.
It cannot wirte an album name in the album tag

  • because JPGs don't have those tags
  • because JPGs are no music files.
    But you can change a filename of a JPG manually in the columns-view.

What MP3Tag also can do is change the filename or change the directory with the help of Pseudo-Tags like %_directory% or %_parent_directory% or %_filename%. These kind of tags are information-tags about files and they are not meta-data which are content of files.

Because your parent-directory of the cover-files has the artist and the album in it's name, you could define a second action in your action group:
Type: Format Values
Format String: %_parent_directory% - %_filename%

This action takes the already existing filename and writes the parent-directory-name in front of it.

first, as I mentioned in my previous thread, i appreciate the solution to my initial issue. it works perfectly. and with that i found, stumbled onto a program that makes the change for files based on the folder name. the program is Panda Batch Renamer. The whole problem started when i downloaded several album cover and it got to large.
bottomline, between your solution and Panda the problem is solved in a matter of minutes verse days.