Batch - mode


Just a smal question about a great product.

Is it possible to use a batch mode.
I want to fill the tags with the information out of my file names and AFTER that move them to the right location,
I know how to get the info and how to move the files, but there is one problem.
I now want to do it on every file in my dir (700+ GB so that will take a while)

This is how my dir looks like

To fill the tags of the last two, I tried:
%artist%\%album%[\CD%discnumber%]\%track% - %title%

but discnumber is not set for files that are located in album\cd1\

I can sort on file depth, but it would be nice if I could do it all at once (including the movement of files not yet in the right dir)
At the end it must be sorted like (| means .. or unknown if not available)

anyone any idea?

Is this the question?
Anyway: I would go s straightforward way and filter first to get the mass down a reasonable amount of files. THen apply a function like filename - tag which lets you see whether the mask works or not.
You will see that mp3tag will ease your work considerably.

Thank you.
I will explain my question:
I need a batch to do the following:

  1. Check depth of file, if it is x, last folder contains disknumber,
    x-1, last is album
    x-2, last is artist
    x-3, file is unsorted (in this case, move file according to tags and retry stap 1 ONE time more)

  2. Tage music based on folderstructure and than on filename (no problem if you have info from step 1)

  3. Move files according to tags and safe the file

Thank you for your time