Batch Move File to Folder Based on mp3 Name Utility?

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone out there knew of a program that can batch move files to specific folders based on there names? I would like to drop a bunch of mp3's into such a batch file and have them auto move my mp3's to specific folders.


I've spent the past three weeks trying to find a small freeware program to do this, preferably via Explorer's context menu. No luck there. But Media Monkey (, freeware edition) will do it, though it wasn't obvious how. Briefly: First scan the folder for all the MP3s. With the left pane in Library's > Location tree view, navigate to the folder you want to reorganize. Choose the files you want to move (as is typically done in Explorer). Right click and choose Auto Organize (Ctrl-R). A Destination address bar will appear with your files beneath it, showing New and Old paths. To move them, e.g., to a new "Artist" folder, use this syntax:
or subfolder of Album beneath Artist would be
The Configure button helps a lot.
What I haven't yet found is a way to keep the original filenames. It seems that one has to recreate or rename them. But maybe I'm missing something, and it's a minor nuisance. Anyway, it does work. Moving 3000 files took about 3 minutes.

o tempora, thanks for sharing this interesting bit of knowledge!

So its possible with media monkey to say move a song called "Akon - Redemption Song" to a folder say called "A"?

You can also use Mp3tag's converter Tag - Filename for this, e.g., with a format string like

C:\Music$left(%artist%,1)\%artist%-%year%-%album%$num(%track%,2). %title%

…which actually works beautifully and you have the additional advantage of knowing that everything in the filename can be reconstructed just from the tags inside :slight_smile:

Florian, so mo3tag can actually move the file to a different folder based on naming?? Is there any documentation with examples on how to do these formulas?

Yes, sure. Here is the documentation of the feature where the last paragraph states:

And as an addition: you can use both absolute and relative file names in the format string.

This works very well btw. It's even possible to "Undo" this action, if for example some tags were wierd... ~Chris