Batch Processing of One Tag Field

I am unfamiliar with the batch re-tagging capabilities of Mp3tag, and have not had much luck searching for a good tutorial. Could someone provide me a link?

Right now, a have a few hundred mp3 tracks that have obsolete information in the Comments field. I would like to batch clear the Comments field in all those tracks. Is there a simple way to do so?

Thanks in advance.

Load the files into MP3tag.
Select them all in the files list.
Go to the tag panel, field COMMENT and select from the drop down list: .
Press Save (Ctrl-S)

The good tutorial, BTW is a rather extensive help. And many of the further questions that will arise, have been dealt with in this forum.

Action: Format value
Value: %DUMMY%
... or ...
Action: Remove fields
... or ...
Select files.
Open Dialog Extended Tags.
Remove tag-field COMMENT.


Thanks to ohrenkino for the straightforward directions.

I guess the reason I was stuck is that - when I opened the dropdown list, I did not have any option for "erase" or "delete" or "clear." So I revisited that approach, per your instructions, and this time I simply hit the delete button on my keyboard. That did the trick. And, of course, I had to remember to SAVE, which I wasn't doing before.

Thanks, also, to DetlevD for your suggestion. I do not understand it right off (your can tell that I'm not very experienced), but I plan to explore your idea and thereby learn more about this very powerful program.

Thanks, again, to both of you for your kind help.

You can use to clear out any comments.

Well, I THOUGHT I had the answer; but I guess I have a lot to learn.

I tried ohrenkino's approach, but there was no option in the Comment field box. My only options are and . I had read somewhere in this forum that choosing will actually remove the field (not just the value in the field) from the tag -- and I don't want to do THAT. I want to still have a Comment field to use later.

So I tried just hitting the delete key. That seemed to work. As I scanned down through all the files, the Comment field appeared empty for each and every one. Success, right? Not really. When I open the tracks in any music player (I tried a few), the original comments are still there! I can see them in the music players, but not in Mp3tag. Pretty weird.

Now I'm REALLY confused.

Any further ideas would be much appreciated.

It doesn't work like that. You don't need a COMMENT field to use later. If you want to add a comment at a later date, then you just add a new COMMENT field. Mp3tag will never write an empty field to a file. When you erase all of the characters within a field, or you set it to , it will be removed when the file is saved.

No. If you deleted the COMMENT field, then you accomplished exactly the same thing as setting it to - it was removed. You may be confusing the way Mp3tag displays deleted fields prior to when you actually save the changes.

What type of files are these?

Someone in another forum was mentioning that many programs map the DESCRIPTION field in Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files to the same thing as COMMENT. But if you look in the Extended Tags dialog you should see that pretty clearly.

Could it be that you have more than one type of tag in these files? Such as having both Ape and ID3 tags in MP3?

Hmmmm .... You've given me a lot to thing about there. I'm not at home right now, so can't try playing with the files until this evening. I can, however, comment on items you asked me to clarify.

These are all mp3 files. Each one DOES contain two types of tags: ID3 and APE. The APE tags were created by mp3gain to store "undo" information from mp3gain track analysis.

Originally, each file contained a few lines in the COMMENT field of the ID3 tag. I seemingly cleared all these comments by the method described earlier.

Now, when I examine one of these files in Mp3tag, the COMMENT field appears to be blank, as expected. When I load it into MusicBee, XMPlay, or some other mp3 player, then ask to see its "Properties," I still see the original commentary in the COMMENT field.

As you suggest, perhaps the original comments were written to more than one field, either within one tag (such as ID3) or across two tags. I guess I have more digging to do. I'll have to make sure I examine both the ID3 and the APE tags when I get a chance this evening. I did not create these mp3 files, so I do not know how much tag info may be squirreled away in there.

On the other hand, perhaps my idea of using the DELETE key to clear the tag field does not really clear the tag field, but simply makes it look empty as far as Mp3tag is concerned. I'll have to experiment with using the option. As noted earlier, I am presented with only two dropdown choices: and .

Thanks much for making time to comment. Every bit of education helps.

As APE tags usually cause nothing but trouble I would suggest that you get rid of them as soon as possible.
When reading tags, MP3tag applies the following hierarchy: APE>IDv2.3>IDV1
SO if you read APE but only write IDV2.3 then you never write anything into the APE tags but always see the IDV2.3 tags. Other programs may read something else so inconistent contents will lead to bewilderment.

As for the option: I use the German Version so or was my humble attempt to translate these entries ...

I would leave the APE tags alone. If you do want to remove the APE tags don't do it with Mp3tag. The proper way to remove them is to get MP3Gain, do "Undo Gain changes" to the files first and then remove the tags. That will restore them to their original volume before they were modified.

But back to your original problem. My guess is that you have both ID3v2.3 and ID3v1 tags on the files and when you deleted the comments you deleted them from the ID3v2.3 tags but not the ID3v1 tags which is what the players are reading.

To check them with Mp3tag go to Tools > Options > Tags, MPEG under Read check ID3v1 only, leave the other two boxes unchecked. Then look at some files, you might have to refresh the view. If there are comments there delete them, but before you do go to Tools > Options > Tags, MPEG under Write check both ID3v1 and ID3v2. So the when you delete the comments it will do it to both tags at the same time.

If you want to look at the ID3v2.3 tags again go to Tools > Options > Tags, MPEG under Read check ID3v2 and refresh the view.

Can you post one of these files somewhere so that someone could download and examine it and let you know what's going on? Post the smallest one you can find.

Thanks to ohrenkino, stanman, and JJ Johnson for the additional comments and offers of help.

Just prior to reading your postings, I had tried using the option for deleting the Comments field from all the mp3 files in the folder. (Previously, I had used the Delete key.) Now the Comments field appears blank in Mp3tag (as it did before), but also in all my music players. So this is obviously the right way to do it.

Now that I have modified all those files, there is no point in posting one for you to examine. When I get a few more new mp3s, I will go through the same procedure I did before, to see if I get the same goofy result. If I do, I will find out how to post one of the files for you to see.

Again, many thanks for everyone's comments. I not only got all my tags fixed, but I also learned some useful things about Mp3tag.

Just one question: Appears to be blank, how? If you look in the Extended Tags ( :mt_tag: ) do you still see a COMMENT field? If so, that's very unusual. If you're looking in either the Tag Panel (on the left) or the columnar display, then yes, a missing field will appear to be blank.

Good point, which we have so far neglected.

But once the original volume frames have been restored by MP3Gain, and the injected set of REPLAYGAIN tag-fields have been removed too, there can be other APE tag-fields, created deliberately or accidentally, which might of no use any longer. For this case Mp3tag can be of good use to remove the APE tag entirely.

If someone needs the REPLAYGAIN values in the ID3 tag, then MP3GAIN can be used with the commandline switch "/s i" (see MP3Gain options).

I recommend to use the non destructive REPLAYGAIN functionality of foobar2000.


To JJ Johnson:

In the Tag Panel, the box for "Comments" is empty, after using the option. Of course, it was also empty after using the DELETE key. Nothing showing in the Extended Tags list, either. And now the field also appears empty when I examine the track properties in a music player. I still don't understand how using DELETE made the comment disappear in the Mp3tag tag panel, but not in the music players. When I process my next batch of new tracks, I am going to try to reproduce the effect, just to see if it is repeatable, and maybe learn something. Meanwhile, I have learned the proper way to clear a tag field, thanks to all the kind folks who replied here.

To DetlevD:

I don't know whether the APE tags created by mp3gain had anything to do with the strange behavior of the Comment field in my recent mp3 files. I clearly used the wrong procedure for clearing the Comments field, and that somehow made the comments APPEAR to be gone, but they were not really gone. Upon using the correct procedure, all appears to be fine.

I have been using mp3gain for a number of years, and have been pleased with the results. It is nondestructive, with the APE tags containing the value of the adjustment made to the global gain field, so that the change can be undone, if desired. To date, the APE tags have not given me any problems (that I know of). However, you have given me sound advice in the past, and it sounds like you know what you're talking about now. So I will reconsider how I am going about my sound leveling. The jazz tracks that I collect cover many years of recordings, and the dynamic ranges of these recording vary enormously. So I really need some leveling when a create a collection. I'll take your advice to heart and reconsider my approach. Perhaps I will PM you if I need more help.

Again, thanks to all who helped me with this global re-tag question.