Batch Processing

Two ideas for a future version. As far as I know they aren't already implemented, but I'm discovering new features in MP3Tag by the minute so that might not actually mean something.

  1. The ability to select a batch of files and then process them individually rather than as a whole. Right now, I have to select a file, search for the lyrics via web sources, select the next file, search for the lyrics, select the next, etc. So, it would be nice, if there was an optional mode to select a number of files and execute the script for one after the other.

  2. An editor that allows you to move files up and down and sort them more freely. It would make playlist creation a lot easier.

All the best! :slight_smile:

Ad 1.
There is no guarantee on the other side of the data line, that there will be any data available for a specific file (e. g. lyrics text).
Therefore batch processing can produce more problems than good results.
To keep this error situation simple for the Mp3tag user (and the Mp3tag programmer too), the Mp3tag user should be allowed to freely decide for himself what way to go in those error cases.

Ad 2.
See Mp3tag Help Manual "Keyboard shortcuts":
Alt + Drag'n'Drop Change order of files in list of files.
Alt + Arrow down Change order of files in list of files.
Alt + Arrow up Change order of files in list of files.
Alt + Page down Move selected files to end in list of files.
Alt + Page up Move selected files to beginning in list of files.
Should work also using the mouse.


Sweet! Will give that a try! Thank you. :slight_smile:
A view that focuses solely on sorting tracks might be a nice idea anyway but this certainly does the trick for now.

Setting error treatment before processing files is a great idea, what I had in mind though was the search and result window popping up anew for every single file. So the user could decide right then how to handle the results the web source (etc.) produces. Of course, fetching tag data this way wouldn't be as quick, yet more accurate.