Batch Re-numbering Tracks With Auto Numbering Wizard For Multi Disc Albums

I'm trying to take a large number of albums with 2+ discs that are currently arranged in folders like this:

......disc 1
......disc 2
......disc 3

I want to take all the tracks and re-number them for disc 1 through 3 in correct order (say each disc has 10 tracks, I want track numbers 01-30) and then to automatically move the files to the album folder (i'd be left with empty "disc 1/2/3/etc" folders).

They're all correctly tagged with the DISCNUMBER and TRACK tags, so I think it shouldn't be a huge issue. Thanks for any help.

Could you describe what you have done so far and which functions of the track numbering wizard are not self-explanatory enough?
Otherwise I wouldn't know where to start any further explanation.

Oh, I understand the track numbering wizard. I was just wondering if there was a way to automate it for a large number of albums/folders.

I think it works only for one disc set at a time as the trigger of the folder change is already used.
But then again - who knows. If you have some albums with several discs, you could try it for 2 albums and report back.