Batch Re-numbering Tracks With Auto Numbering Wizard For Multi Disc Albums

I'm trying to take a large number of albums with 2+ discs that are currently arranged in folders like this:

......disc 1
......disc 2
......disc 3

I want to take all the tracks and re-number them for disc 1 through 3 in correct order (say each disc has 10 tracks, I want track numbers 01-30) and then to automatically move the files to the album folder (i'd be left with empty "disc 1/2/3/etc" folders).

They're all correctly tagged with the DISCNUMBER and TRACK tags, so I think it shouldn't be a huge issue. Thanks for any help.

Could you describe what you have done so far and which functions of the track numbering wizard are not self-explanatory enough?
Otherwise I wouldn't know where to start any further explanation.

Oh, I understand the track numbering wizard. I was just wondering if there was a way to automate it for a large number of albums/folders.

I think it works only for one disc set at a time as the trigger of the folder change is already used.
But then again - who knows. If you have some albums with several discs, you could try it for 2 albums and report back.

Since i've got pretty much the same problem as yopalien, i was wondering if you found some kind of solution for this meanwhile?

Is there any way to start the auto-numbering-wizard as kind of an action (part/function in an action group) automatically?

thanks in advance!

The functions of the track numbering wizard are not available for actions.
The only way to create a sequence of numbers is to use the variable %_counter%.
There is no way to reset %_counter% while executing an action on one batch of files.

With internal MP3Tag rename (and retag) actions, this would only be possible if your target track numbers were 101–110, 201–210 and 301–310 instead of 01–30, because there is no way to get the total number of tracks in the previous disc (which I assume is not a constant value).

However, one could generate a batch file (.bat) with an export script, wherein loops and temporary variables are available, which would then handle the rename and move operation.
Its lines would look something like this:

@move "artist\album\disc 2\04 title.mp3" "artist\album\14 title.mp3"

If a continuous sequence of number is required, then %_counter% will do exactly that.
It is not possible to reset %_counter% during one run and it is not possible to detect a trigger like a directory change.

It is not necessary to use external utilities to rename files or folders.
Here is a howto on that topic:

My point was that you can get fancier at export with $get(x) and put(x, y) being available.