Batch removal, WinAmp replay gain?

Is it possible to have MP3tag do a batch removal of the ReplayGain informaiton which WinAmp applies to MP3 files? Of course, I don't know how to do it individually by hand, either.

But if WinAmp could do it, that should we be great.


Select the files in which you suspect to find replaygain information.
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
You see all the fields in all the files.
Select the field you want to delete and press the delete button in the dialogue.
Save the changes with OK.

If that is a regular activity, it might be worth to create an action.
See the help file for actions and "Delete fields".

If the ReplayGain information is only in the tags (vs. modifying the audio),then it should be possible, but you need to know which fields and/or what kind of tag WinAmp uses for ReplayGain.

If it adds ReplayGain fields in an APEv2 tag, then it may be sufficient to simply remove the APE tag from the files. However, you'd want to make sure that you also have an ID3v2 tag and that any other data that might exist in the APE tag first gets copied into it. Usually, only RG data is in the APE tag.

If WinAmp adds of TXXX/ReplayGain_ tags to the ID3v2 tag, then it's very easy to remove in a number of ways.

Thank you so much, that worked perfectly. Very slick, I would never have guessed to try that.