Batch remove embedded cover art?

I don't really understand what unicode is, so I'm a little confused here. But I have some music files that were tagged, ID3 v1 and v2, with a program called Tag&Rename. I used MP3Tag to batch embed the cover art to all of the files, using jpg files (cover.jpg) in each album folder. I also like to use a program called Ejukebox as a music player.

After embedding the cover art with MP3Tag, I realized that Ejukebox would no longer recognize the ID3tags. I something somewhere about MP3Tag tagging with unicode (?), and I also saw something about the Ejukebox program having conflict problems with unicode (?). I also noticed that when I remove the embedded cover art from the files, my music player (Ejukebox) recognizes the ID3tags again. When I played around with it, I noticed that the Tag&Rename program recognizes the ID3tag either way (with or without embedded cover art), but another program I have, Zortam MP3 Media Studio, doesn't recognize the ID3tags with embedded cover art (it all looks like gibberish) until I remove the embedded cover art.

What I'm wondering is two things. 1) Just wondering if someone could explain why batch embedding cover art into my ID3 tags with MP3Tag made my ID3 tags unreadable by some programs. And 2) wondering if there is a way now to batch remove the embedded cover art with MP3Tag (or any programs you can recommend if MP3Tag can't do it). I saw that you can batch overwrite embedded cover art with new cover art, but haven't figured out yet if you can remove art and replace it with nothing.

Oh, looks like I answered my own question. Saw the update on the "what's new" page about unicode support. I switched the id3v2 format to ISO-8859-1, and now everythings fine. Left the embedded cover art in place, and all the tags are being recognized by each of the different programs.
Anyhow, thanx for the great software! Does the job great.