Batch Remove ID3 Tags

I am using Squeezebox Server for my music with >50,000 track files. Sometimes, my music sows up with a ripped CD showing a separate time in my listings for each track, i.e. a CD with 8 tracks will show up as 8 CD's of the same title with one track.

I was told it may be because they have ID3 tags in addition to flac tags. While it doesn't make sense to me that this would be the cause if it is not happening on all CD's I'm willing to try the advice given which was to remove ID3 tags.

I realize the recommended way is to make sure I have checked the remove tags option and cut and paste the album, but now I have 3 questions:

  1. How do I confirm that the tracks only have flac tags after doing this
  2. Is there a way to run a script to be sure NONE of my music has ID3 tags?
  3. If I then convert some of the tracks from flac to mp3 for portable listening, will they show up in the MP3 player?

Thanks for any help, direction, advice, etc...

  1. There is a tag column in Mp3tag that shows you the tag types a file has.

  2. There's no script, you can look at the tag column or use the filter: %_tag% HAS "id3" to see which files still have an ID3 tag

  3. Do you mean if the tags show up? That depends on the program you use for converting.

Thanks for the quick response; missed that column...