Batch Renaming Embedded Artwork

I have some music files with two artworks,; both listed as 'Front Cover'.
I know how to change the second artwork to 'Back Cover' to allow this to be displayed as a separate selectable image, but as I have lots of files I would like to do this as a batch conversion.
How would I be able to do this?

I am afraid that you have to do it manually.
The "second" picture is not always the back cover - and the first is not always the front cover.
So you would have to look at the picture and set which cover it should be.

Plus also keep in mind that different file formats may have limits on which cover types you can assign. So you may want to use a filter for this as you go as well.

All my files artwork is jpg to comply with the MP3 tagging requirements.
I should have mentioned the first file is always the 'Front Cover' the second always the back cover, I know as I have added them.
There should be an easier way of adding extra artwork , which is done by multiple selection, and assigning the cover type at that point, rather than having to go through them one at a time!

I do not think that the format is a problem.
I think the problem is that - as you describe it - all are labelled as "Front Cover".

I would try it with 2 or 3 albums as an experiment:
Select them all.
Try an action of the type "Export cover" with a format string like
Check the folder and see which of the pictures is named
and which one is named

Then delete all the embedded pictures.
Create an action group of the type "Import cover from file" , the first with
Format string: cover.jpg
which sets the imported cover as Front Cover
the second with
Format string: cover(1).jpg
which sets the imported cover as Back Cover.

You would still have to check whether the file with (1) is really the back cover.

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