Batch renaming mp3's

New to the forum & MP3Tag. Wanted to know if it was possible to batch rename mp3's?

This is what I have.. (2K Throwback) Remy Ma - Conceited (Instrumental)
Is there a way to take out "(2K Throwback)" in a batch mode vs one by one?

Also having multiple files like this is there a way to batch retag keeping the Instrumental & clean for all the tracks vs one b one?
(2K Throwback) Remy Ma - Conceited (Instrumental)
(2K Throwback) Remy Ma - Conceited (Clean)

Thanks in advance!

What do your tags look like?
Because I would not mess around with just the filenames, I would retrieve the data into the appropriate fields and then reconstruct the filename from there.

In general, and as you are new to MP3tag: see the help on the Convert function: