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I'm relatively new to mp3tag and I'm positive that there's loads to learn. For now, I was wondering if there was a way to resize all imbedded artwork over 500x500 down to that size.

I've figured out that I can easily sort by "cover" and SEE which files are too large. But I'd love to be able to grab files from multiple folders and "adjust" the cover from there. With over 2TB of mp3s, it would take an eon to convert them all manually.

I've searched the older posts and, although there were a few other solutions posted, they dated back a decade and a lot of links with no longer active/there might be an easier way.

Any help would be appreciated!

Select the files and then right click on the cover art.

Choose "Adjust cover" and then enter the format, the dimension ("Max. size") and quality you want to have for all selected covers, then press OK.

You can find more infos here:

Thanks. But that works on an album to album basis (and isn't available if a few of the tracks have different artwork). I was wondering if there was a way to apply this to multiple albums in different folders at the same time.

IE. Import 600+ songs, all from different albums. Resize all artwork for all albums that are over 500x500 at the same time.

This is not what I see (Mp3tag v3.07). Just try it, select as many files you want and right click on the cover art placeholder/symbol in the tag panel - even if the cover picture itself is "empty" and "Cover varies" appears.

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Ahhhh... perhaps this is a Mac vs PC thing? I'm on the newest (mp3tag Version 1.2.1) and it doesn't seem like that is possible. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned Mac earlier but I assumed functionality would be the same.

I've included an image to show what I mean.

I tagged your question with the "Mac / Mac Support" tag.

Sorry, I can't help you with your version... Maybe @florian?

Thanks a bunch. I appreciate you taking the time!

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Hi and welcome!

You can use a Quick Action for that: Actions → Quick Actions → Adjust Cover

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GENIUS!!! I even looked under quick actions and missed it. Thank you soooo much. Love the tool!

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