Batch Singular Field-Modification Edit (Removal of Identical Characters Within a Single Field)


How do I group-remove part of a file name?
So that, for example, the below:



01 Introduction (Greensleeves).mp3
02 Wild Is The Wind.mp3
03 China Girl.mp3
04 Changes.mp3

If you can please keep in mind three things I would be very grateful:

  1. I know how to rename the tracks as follows:

01 Introduction (Greensleeves) (Live, Glastonbury, 2000).mp3
02 Wild Is The Wind (Live, Glastonbury, 2000).mp3
03 China Girl (Live, Glastonbury, 2000).mp3
04 Changes (Live, Glastonbury, 2000).mp3

It is quite simply that I prefer shorter file names, so that I wish to omit "_(live_glastonbury_2000)" or, as it appears post-renaming, "(Live, Glastonbury, 2000)" .

  1. Apparently the strange characters after "_(live_glastonbury_2000)", which are a part of the file names do not get into the post-renamed file names already, which is nice. Additionally (not that I care either way) & similarly, the "mike_garson" element on Track 1 is auto-omitted as well

  2. I am hoping to learn how to perform this operation, not so much for the accomplishment of this singular task, but rather for future projects so that will I know how to remove unnecessary characters embedded into a specific field, the "Title" field in this instance.

Much Thanks,

Building on "01 Introduction (Greensleeves) (Live, Glastonbury, 2000).mp3"
you could try Convert>Filename-Filename
Source pattern: %1(live%2
Target: %1

Building on
is much nicer as you have a unique separator between the field: the -
So if you could only replace the _ in the filename to become a space character and then import the data into fields:
Mask over filename: %track%-%artist%-%title%(live%dummy%
then you could reconstruct the filename with
Format string: %track% %title%

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Thank you so much.
I will save your suggestion and try to utilize it next time I come across a similar problem!

Much Obliged!