Batch tagging Movies

I have a large collection of movies (formatted for use with an ipod).

Previously I was using Win Amp to add these files which only required a jpeg to be added to the folder. Now I am using iTunes which requires the jpeg to be embedded in order for the cover art to be displayed on an iPod.

Is there any way I can set mp3 tag up so that it reads the jpeg in each folder and then assign them to the movie rather than doing them one by one?

I read these Help pages but still can't get it to complete multiple folders.

I can create an action group, and import the cover from the file.

However, it only seems to work with one file.

H:\04 Movies - Blood Diamond\front.jpg

I need it to read and embed the jpeg from Blood Diamond, then continue on to read the jpeg from Bourne Supremacy, then Bourne Ultimatum etc.

You must load all the files you want to edit in the program and select all these files. Then apply the action.

I have been doing that. I don't think I am making myself clear.

Please see the example I have attached. I get to a point where I can only specify the jpeg for Casino Royale so if I apply the action it will add the Casino Royale cover art to the other two movies as well.

I need it to read each jpeg within each folder.

Thanks for your assistance.

Do not enter the full path, just enter Front.jpg and it will look for Front.jpg in each directory.

Yup, works great now.

The problem I had was I was adding the drive letter too.

Thank you for your help.