Batch tagging with data from filename


is there a way to batch process tagging?

Especially I would like to tag coverart, label, country, mood, lyrics etc.

The "normal" tags = title, artist, are already in the tags.

I have a big amount of mp3s and I don't want to tag them manually.

Thank you for your help.

As the fields you mention are hardly the normal fields (e.g. instrumental music usually does not have any lyrics) you end up to treat at least every album separately.

Have a look around in the web-sources and see if you find a web-source script that addresses a data source for your kind of music and your kind of data requirements.

i am interested, i believe, in batch tagging my collection at the file level. In other words, i have a large collection and am interested in adding a tag to each file (song). It is only one tag and would be identical for each file, it's similar to a copyright notice giving the compiler credit for their efforts. Currently i am adding the notice to each albums song via a field i created in my tag panel, pretty slow going.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide, Tom

Select all the files that should get the same data.
Enter the data.
Press Ctrl-S to save (if you use the tag panel)
Click OK if you use the extended tags dialogue.

Understood. Thank you. That is what i have been doing, on an album by album basis as when i try and load the entire collection (several hundred thousand songs) it takes a long time (not sure how long as i have never waited for it to complete!). I guess my best option is to load artists folders one at a time do as you suggest. Should be faster that doing it record by record as i have been.

Thanks again, tom

If you have the special data for each track stored somewhere e.g. in the path or filename, you could import it from there and for more files than just those of a single artist or album.

Excellent, very helpful!

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