I want to do a batch for 10 000 MP3s (that I would do very often):

1/ Import parts of the filename+folder structure into the tag => I use the "Converter > Filename - Tag"
2/ Delete some fields

all in one step

NB : If I do it in 2 steps, the files will be rewritten twice, this is too long.
How to do many changes in only 1 step (ie MP3 file will be rewritten only once!) ?

BTW, is there some scripting tool? (with some "if" "then" ?)

Thanks a lot in advance,

You even have to write it down in 2 steps ... no, all actions are carried out step by step - as sometimes the previous steps only makes the next step possible ...

And, yes, there is a scripting language, see the help file, "Scripting". And there is a $if-Statement.