Batching & Creating Own File Name

I am new to mp3tag.

I am creating a playlist from some music files that I am using. I want to hide all of the song names, so I want to name all my music files with the same name (Example: Filename = Dog; for every single music file). So, if I have 25 music mp3s' with the same file, how would I incorporate batching?

When it's all said and done, I want it to look like:
Dog track#1
Dog track#2, etc..

Are your tags like the title filled?

What is "Dog"? Does it appear in a tag-field?

What is the purpose of "hiding" in the filename? You are aware that most players show informations from tags and not from filename?

Again, I am completely new to this. So, I don't know how to address some of the questions that you are asking me. I was using 'Dog' as an example. What I am trying to do is load a bunch of songs on flash drive, then play them in my car. I want to hide the titles of the songs, so that's why I want to name all of them the same; I guess the file name as you are stating here. So, on the display inside my car, it would just show Dog 1; so on & so forth & I guess one would be the track number.

It is no problem to assign the same data to several tracks. Only the filename would have to stay unique.
Select all tracks that should get the same data.
Enter the data in the tag panel (I would fill ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE just to make sure that the player really shows the tag data and not the filename)
Press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
Use the track numbering assistant (Menu Tools) to assign ascending track numbers. They will be written to the field TRACK and will not be part of the field TITLE.
If you need the title to contain the track number, tell us.

Is there anyway that I can use the batching feature or do you know how I can automate it, because I have almost 200 songs? If so, please explain & give me the instructions how I would do it?

Thanks all for all your help with this project.

What could be "it"?
I think I already described the way how to get the same data into all the fields.
Or are we talking about the filename and not the metadata in the shape of tags?
And as I said: you cannot have the same filename for each file, the filename has to be unique.
To rename a file only on the basis of the filename and no tags involved, you may use
Format string: dog %_counter%
but as you said, it should contain the track number:
Format string: dog %track%
Setting a new filename does not modify any tag, so depending on your player, it will still show the tag data if there is any.

As we don't know which information your car player shows on the display it is difficult to tell you what you have to change.
To do what you want it may be necessary to destroy existing informations about artist, title, album etc. .
Do you really want that?
Anyway I would only do this with a copy of the originals to keep this informations somehow and avoid unwanted damage.

  1. Load all files in Mp3tag

  2. Sort the list of the files with pressing ALT and moving the files to their place with pressing left mouse in the row you want them getting numbered.

  3. Mark all files in the list view with CTRL-a

  4. To delete all existing tag-fields define an action with Actions ->Action Quick
    Action Type: Remove fields except
    Fields to leave: ;

  5. (files are still marked) Write a new title
    Take Convert Tag->Tag
    Field: TITLE
    Format String: Dog %_counter%

  6. (files are still marked) Write a new filename according to the title
    Take Convert Tag->Filename
    Format String: %title%