bb code help

ok so i got this working how i want it to except for 1 thing any help is appreciated
i need the line where it reads the folder name to ignore discs that dont contain multiple folders

with multiple discs i get cd 1 cd2 above the tracklisting but on single artist albums it still prints cd above tracklisting i just want a tracklist with no cd above the listing on single artist albums

'[b][size=13]' %album% '[color=orange]([/color][color=grey]'%year%'[/color][color=orange])[/color][/size][/b]'

'[img]COVER IMAGE HERE[/img]'

'[b][u][size=13]Release Info[/size][/u][/b]'

'[b]Album [color=red]:: [/color][/b]' %album%
'[b]Genre [color=red]:: [/color][/b]' %genre%
'[b]Year [color=red]:: [/color][/b]' %year%

'[b][u][size=7]'CD %DISCNUMBER%'[/size][/u][/b]'

$loop($num(%_track%,2)$num(%_artist%)%_title%)'[color=grey]'$num(%track%,2) '[/color][color=red]- [/color]'%artist% '[color=red]- [/color]'%title% '[color=orange]([/color][color=grey]'[$replace(%_length%,_,:)]'[/color][color=orange])[/color]'


Try to change the line from ...
'[b][u][size=7]'CD %DISCNUMBER%'[/size][/u][/b]'

to ...
['[b][u][size=7]CD '%DISCNUMBER%'[/size][/u][/b]']