Being famous myself, for going off...

well, i don't recall what it was precisely that inspired me enough to join the forum already (after only having used the software for-- maybe 2 weeks). the thing is-- there's just so many cool things about Florian's Mp3Tag Freeware software! Rather masterful is the engineering behind the ergonomically simple design of Florian's Mp3Tag, universal meta data importer, renamer, mover, format-string intelligent batch processor, equipped with regular expression handling capabilities.

I only wish I had discovered this one-size-fits-all, super-soft for audiophiles much, much earlier in the development of my own so-called media library.

Anyone reading, considering yourself not an audiophile, rather more interested in album-art, proper spelling, and general good looks of your library, Mp3Tag is here to satisfy you with a quick learning curve to understanding the GU Interface. Mp3Tag can help users locate, sort, delete, and generally organize files-- especially helpful in case of duplicate songs appearing in auto-playlists [ for being encoded in different bitrate (i.e. 128Kbps - 360Kpbs) or sampling frequency ].

It's impressive, we are fortunate, and I am thankful that Florian's Mp3Tag supports the API of 4 different web services-- providers of one-click meta search results-- for retrieving a complete discography, song-list, album-art, and more. I'm really happy about this audio media meta tagging powerhouse!

thanks, Florian! I look forward to the day when i'll be able to send a donation. :slight_smile:
...for real! (in case that sounded sarcastic!) In the meantime, i hope my attempt here at SEO rhetoric does tickle the Arachnids at large!

in closing, i invite you dig in and download a little bit o' my own work, available at

rock on!