Belatedly, thank you for WAV support

Just a very belated note to thank Florian for adding WAV support! I requested this back in 2008 Plea for WAV support soon after which my project ceased and I didn't use Mp3Tag again. Then I gor a forum notification of Florian's Plea for WAV support - #36 by Florian saying that he added it in 2016. I pledged 50e at the time, so I have now made that donation.

Though I don't use Mptag these days, since the work that needed it is finished, I still remember what a delight it was to use, turning a huge music library tagging job from nightmare to joy. Thanks again Florian for all your work and responsiveness to requests. I wish you and Mp3tag all the best for the future!



Chris, what a nice surprise! Thanks a lot for your kind words and your generous support. I really didn't expect that, especially after all this time and given you're not using it anymore :pray: :pray:

And happy that you keep the good memories! Thanks a lot for all your feedback over the years. Wishing you all the best!

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