Best audio CD burner?

Please don't suggest Nero or ImgBurn. Really.

I haven't burned an audio CD in years. Used to be into it like a fine art or something. I've hoped things had changed, but it seems the backbone of most every program I see is data backup.

Is there anything remotely close to Feurio! in terms of raw capability when burning an AUDIO disc?

It's not that I'm against using Fuerio!, but that I'm wondering if anything decent has appeared in the past decade.

If you don't know what Feurio! does that others do not, imagine being able to control where and how every song begins and ends, and how songs transition from one to the next. It's pretty freaking amazing. It was built for Windows '95 and '98. I've ran it on XP. Don't know if it would work on anything newer.

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So that's a no?

Too bad no one has topped that old Windows 98 program.

Or perhaps no one wants to get into an endless discussion about this topic.
Apparently, you have your preferences.
So why take the pointless effort to convince someone who seems to have set his or her priorities.

cdburnxp :book: