best deliminator

hey guys, i have my music archived by artist/year - album
although the hyphen is arguably incorrect there and the em dash (—) may be more appropriate, but not always supported, ie: it may be considered and invalid character buy some applications and cause problems
i'm considering simply using an underscore: year_album
any suggestions?

As long as you stay in the good ole ASCII range of characters you should not experience any problems. Ah yes: and avoid the special characters like #?*|/ etc.
So, hyphen is fine as is underscore.
And as filenames are void anyway as long as they are unique it should be the tagging that shows the correct data.

Underscores look ugly to me. I never use them.

I would go with either hyphen or space. But it's up to you.

Are you talking about folder and file names? Most applications should read year and artist metadata from the internal tagging, not folder and file names. Folder and file naming schemes are primarily for the user's benefit, so you can use almost any convention that you like.

yes, i'm referring to folder layout. thanks for the input. probably safest with the hyphen. i ask because discogs switched to (i really don't even know what, it looks like an en dash, maybe?)