Best practices advice for adding new music, Mac OS

Hello! So, I've got about half a terrabyte on storage. Now when I get a new CD I want to burn and add it. But if I burn to the music library to which mp3tag is currently pointing, how do I see the latest updates? I need to check to see if the information was entered correctly. Do I have to refresh? If so, that takes bout 45 minutes to an hour. Or is there a way to update more efficently.

In short, when using the Mac version, what's the best workflow for adding new music?


Do you have a cloud storage?
It would be best to treat the files locally.
Also, please tell us how you

(I would have thought that you ripped the CD to a file format like mp3, flac, wav etc).

Thanks for taking the time...

I rip the CDs directly to a music server (sonicTransporter i5), which is a Roon-ready device and, according to my understanding, behaves like a Roon Nucleus. The CDs are ripped on a device connected directly to the music server via cables. I then edit the tags via mp3tag via the network.


Network access us usally slower than local access.
So if you have a problem with the transfer speed, you could copy the files to a dedicated folder on the local PC, do all the checks and modifications there and then copy them back to the server.

You have to explicitly load the files into MP3tag.
And if other modifying programs have simultaneous access, you have to re-load the files prior to editing them to see the latest updates. MP3tag takes a snapshot of the data at loading time and does not update the view automatically.
If re-loading files takes a long time, the suggestion is the same: edit locally.

Just to add to the existing suggestions: you can also try loading only the folder with the added files you want to edit. This way, Mp3tag only needs to read the files you've just ripped and doesn't re-read your whole collection.