Best practices

Before running juke box tool like Dune Music Manager, I want to make sure data is valid. I have these in my list.

  1. Replace using regular expressions values for all tags (_tag I believe) any trailing and leading space
  2. Replace 2 more spaces with one space
  3. Remove any spaces before and after comma (I have comma as separter)

1, Replace comma with // to get multi valued artists
2. Split artist filed that is useing separator //

Could you please share any other tips that would help to maintain data accurate as possible

I'd say there is no "best practice" as a number of things depend on personal preferences as well as on the state of the tagging.
E.g. having leading or trailing blanks is not one of the major concerns in my collection ...

Now, what you could look out for:
How to treat the "The" in artist names (keep it? add it? delete it? move it?)
How to treat the "featuring"?
How to treat compilations?
Design a folder structure.

A remark: not all players know how to cope with multi-value fields - so it may be necessary to join the artist fields again.
Also: a general replacement of a comma as artist separator would lead to strange results e.g. with groups like "Earth, Wind & Fire" or "Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich" or "Goodbye, Lenin".

Have you seen any of the scripts freely available on here: iTunes, beatport, discogs and others that can automatically tag on a per album basis. /c/web-sources-scripts

But as far as actions, each to their own.
Over time your action groups might look like this;]

But as ohrenkino says, software/hardware drives your limitations of what you can and cannot do. Read forums on your main music player software and player and come up with the best solution..