Best to keep (The) or put at rear (The)?

Best to keep (The) or put at rear (The)?

If so, is there a link to common code to move 'The ' to rear as ', The)?

Here is a thread on the technicalities: /t/12769/1

Here is my opinion:
I would leave the name as it is. If you have problems with sorting, fill the field ARTISTSORT, ALBUMSORT, ALBUMARTISTSORT and/or TITLESORT.

I would standardize artist names so that they are either with the "the" or always without, like "Beatles" vs. "The Beatles".
As this may be hard to remember, I chose to remove the "the" wherever it is not needed - like "Rolling Stones" and keep it where it is more or less mandatory like
The Band
The XX
The The
The Avener

In the end it is up to you to structure your collection that fits you best.

Thanks for reply.

I need to remove track numbers from songs that iTunes have touched. Is there a link to different code examples so one can copy, etc.


You don't say much about the structure of the data.
So perhaps this thread is a hit:

Keep "The" always at the beginning

And keep for example Ludwig van Beethoven as "Ludwig van Beethoven" a not not as "Beethoven, Ludwig van" or "van Beethoven, Ludwig" or some other monstrosity