Best way to copy tags from one file to another?



I've transferred a few LPs onto CD and also created mp3s from them. All tagged nicely with MP3TAG :slight_smile:

To make life easy, I copied the LPs using the headphone socket and the bad news is that, for the first few LPs I didn't have the stereo's Graphic Equaliser in a 'flat' position and consequently there is far too much bass.

Therefore, I will be redoing these LPs - some of which have quite complex tags (foreign language titles, composers, artists etc).

Is there any way to transfer the tags for the original bassy files to the newly restored 'flat' mp3 files using mp3tag?

Thanks for a great bit of software!

Kroma, UK

Personalize Tag Copying

Edit | Copy and Paste will transfer the tags.

Using multiple selection you can do one or even all albums in a single operation, but make sure the two file list orders correspond!


Hello, here is a another way I think:

  1. Open your old files in Mp3tag, highlight the particular album, and click the 'export' button.
  2. Now make a new type of export file.. like this for example:

$filename(txt)$loop(%_path%)%track% @ %year% @ %title% @ %album% @ %artist% @ %genre%

an initial export file name would be "mp3tag.txt", which you could change to whatever the album is.

  1. Save the text file where you want and then open up your new virgin replacement files.
  2. Highlight the proper selections and then click on 'Text file - tag'
  3. Now the proper string is this:

%track% @ %year% @ %title% @ %album% @ %artist% @ %genre%

check it with preview to see if it matches up. If not make sure your fields are matched up properly.

  1. Repeat and Enjoy :slight_smile:

ps. I use the @ sign because it is uncommon. When you get the hang of using fields you'll be able to correct bad tags quicker.