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I'm using Audacity to digitize LPs and cassette tapes. As a new MP3Tag user, I'd like to find a basic set of instructions for using MP3Tag to label the music files before importing them into iTunes. I've already learned to avoid using the WAV format. But I'm still looking for the best settings to use and other procedures to follow. I've seen numerous topics on specific iTunes issues but none that provide basic instructions for a beginner. Is it to be found anywhere?

Currently, the problem I'm having is that MP3Tag adds track numbers (A1, A2...B1, B2, etc.) but they do not show up anywhere when the album is added to iTunes, which means iTunes sorts the songs alphabetically rather than keeping their original order. But I think a basic overview would be very useful, too. Thanks for your help.

This may come from the fact that the field TRACK is supposed to be numeric which means that no letters are allowed.

A good idea is always to fill ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, TRACK and YEAR - perhaps add a cover. But that is mainly it.

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I use Audacity as well to digitize my vinyl library. As you have already found out, wav limits your tagging options and the file sizes are also quite large even compared to other lossless formats. Given that you are using iTunes, I would suggest you consider ALAC if you are staying lossless, otherwise you can go mp3 or m4a and use them interchangeably in iTunes.

This is not an exact science as you will find, and for every 10 users here you may find 10 different preferences for managing this.

@ohrenkino has already provided the standard fields you should fill in at a minimum to manage your library well. I would add Genre to this list as standard. Plus you may consider including DISCNUMBER as well, at least for Albums with more than one. In iTunes, TOTALTRACKS and TOTALDISCS helps as well. All of these need to be numbers-only, A1/A2/B1/B2, etc. will not work here.

There is a site I stumbled across a while ago that has plenty of suggestions for computer-based audio, and includes a detailed section on tagging in general. It is a great refence tool if you want to start there.

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I am working on a style guide but the way you choose to organize your files seems to be deeply personal. I will offer it once its done, but I am sure most will not agree with my approach.

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