Best WS to tag music

Hello Guys!

I'm trying to find active projects for Web Service tagging plugins. Unfortunately, the Apple Music WS is dead and I was trying to find other services to tag my music.

Is there any Web Service that can help me tag my music such as Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer etc

Thank you.

Try discogs.
Very popular around here.

It is alright but there are issues I don't like.

  1. Low Res Cover Art (Example Like this )
    Apple Music WS or other streaming services can go to the maximum.

  2. doesn't hold more information than other WS

One of the problems with all the mentioned sources: They don't offer an official, free and supported API to get the information as XML or JSON into the Web Source Scripts AFAIK (please let me know if I'm wrong).

So the first thing is to find a good quality source offering a possibility to query the data programmatically, because scraping data from a HTML result web page is incredible tedious and can change anytime.
Then someone has to learn how this API works and build a WSS for it. This is time consuming. In addition, different users have different expectations for such a Websource Script. Combine them all into the WS can be tricky as well.

I don't think there is "best WS to tag music". Some are looking for high res cover art. Others are looking for first release dates, others for classical music and so on.

The Itunes-version, which relies on the API is still working.