better handling of garbage information in id3v2 tags


Hi all,

today i noticed that mp3tag does not show the id3v2 information for some of my mp3s, while winamp as well as my standalone player seem to have no problem at all.

After looking at those files more closely i noticed that they were previously tagged by some other program which happened to include its version information as part of the id3v2 tag. The information is added as plain text after the regular ID3v2 frames, but still within the declared tag-size.

I think it would be great if mp3tag, instead of ignoring the ID3v2 tag altogether, would either display the contents of the valid ID3v2 frames (thus simply ignoring the garbage info) or at least show some hint that there IS a (corrupt) ID3v2 tag. Right now, it seems as if there was no ID3v2 tag at all, which might confuse people, like me :slight_smile:

Best regards,