Better Scripting and tagging?

Is there any way for there to be a script that works if you only know the song title, or if you want to search just by an artist's work? That would be more helpful when trying to tag a song because it's possible that the same song ends up on more than one album by the same artist.

Also, it would be helpful if there was a way that in a future release, you could add a way to include automatic tagging for songs that are recognized by Discogs when imported into MP3tag (just like Picard does). It would save so much time and effort.

Finally, in the future, it would be nice to see added support for FLAC, OGG, M4A and AIFF files too.


See here:

How did you try to find the required information - as there are already scripts around that look for artist and title.
But you are right: a title by the same artist could end up on a lot of albums.
So for best tagging, it would be more useful if you already knew the album.

Many of the web sources scripts allow you to specify artist and album in separate fields, so you can search for one or both. Some other scripts give you single search field and you can include the artist, album, or both in that field. I find you are generally better off specifying just the album or just the artist in either type of script, then selecting the desired album from the search results. You can specify both and get the exact result you want in some cases, but that depends on the script and the source (e.g. MusicBrainz, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.).