BIG problem - I lost the comments


Hello dear friends!!!

I have a very big problem :frowning: and i hope to get some help from you :slight_smile:

I got the mixedinkey software and i scanned all my mp3!

I choose to auto save the bpm to the 'comment' area of all the tags.

Then i open again all my mp3 with mp3TAG to do an action (capitalize the first letter)

And after that all comment tags (with the bpms) disappeared :frowning:

But not MP3TAG...

I can see them on MP3TAG
Nut i cant see them from explorer or 'properties' etc. :angry:

I tried the to re-scan the files and save again the bpm to the comments.
the status of mixedinkey say 'done' but again i cant view them.
(only from inside the mp3tag)

Please help me, im really desperate :frowning:

Thanks very much and sorry for my English, hope you understand my problem :rolleyes:


Hi Lambas

check your tags in mp3tag to see if you have multiple comments (right-click, extended tags). I have noticed that windows explorer sometimes only displays the first comment in the tag, so if mp3tag has re-ordered the comments so that your bpm is the second comment, you might not be able to see it in explorer.


Thanks very much for your reply Oblio! :slight_smile:
You r right! There was many comment tags ...
I clear all of them and re-scanned all my files for the bpm :slight_smile:

Thanks again :music: