Big Problem


hello. I'm using Mp3tag v2.37. But there is something wrong with it.

I setting idv1. idv2. ape2 and idv2.3 UTF-16. when I use those settings, everything is ok.

but there is a little problem, the title name of the last word sometimes can't display.

If wanna makes the title show completely. I must use idv2.3 ISO-8859-1 setting.

but if I use idv2.3 ISO-8859-1 setting. The Japanese and Chinese words will become ???? can't display correctly.

thanks for listening. How do I solve this problem?


Does that happen in Mp3tag or in other programs? If it's in other programs, maybe they have problems with Unicode tags so there's nothing you can do about it other then write to the authors of the programs to implement unicode support.


I never compare with other programs.

which program u suggest?


No, you got me wrong. You said

Isn't the last word displayed in Mp3tag or isn't it displayed in some other program or hardware MP3 player?


It just happen on my MP3 player.

1st USE UTF . time will tell LOST L word. addicted to you LOST ou words

2nd USE ISO8859 . Japanese become ?????


Please check your picture attachments because both pictures are the same.
Is there any length restriction of title names within you MP3 player, e.g. 13 characters total possible length?



SE phones do not support Unicode as far as I can tell. I tested this with my K750i, a W800i, K800i and a K610i.


sorry. my bad. I fixed it!

If SE phones do not support Unicode. why used UTF can read Japanese and Chinese? the only problem is that will lost some words in English.


Well, it's definitely a bug in the phone software since the same thing happens on my K750i and that's why I always use the ISO setting which won't help you unfortunately since you have Asian titles.

There isn't anything I can recommend other than to write to SE and tell them about your problem. I assume the tags look alright in Mp3tag.