Bigger/Expandable Comments box/field

It would be great to have a larger Comments field. I know that vertical space is at a premium so maybe a large pop-up version could be employed which can be displayed using F2 and contains a vertical scroll bar. I'd suggest that enter creates a new line and pressing tab would hide the larger box.

If you check the tag panel configuration, then you might see that you can set the property of the displayed fields to various sizes including a multi-line field

This would actually be useful to me. I use multiple multi-line texts and obviously they take up the most space even when set to the minimum height while still being usable.

This issue would be solved if the fields instead took up one row but expanded in some way when accessed.

Or had the thing that HTML resize:vertical textboxes have.

Alternative idea: Make some interaction bring up an "Edit tag info"-style pop up for that tag. Basically just some pop-up window with a textbox that takes the input text from the tag panel and when OKd outputs it back to the tag panel.

The simplest interaction I can think of would be double-clicking the tag name, although that might not be so simple since tag names aren't currently designed to be individually interactable. Double-clicking the textbox itself would interfere with default textbox interactions, and right-clicking the textbox... well I'm not sure the context windows of textboxes want to be edited.

I looked in Tools > Options > Tag Panel but can only find the means to tick/untick fields to show or hide them. No indication of how to make Comments a multi-line field.
I searched elsewhere and tried right clicking Comments... Can you point me in the right direction?

See Tools>Options>Tag Panel.
Select the field for Comment and click the Edit button on the right of the list of fields. In the subsequent settings dialogue, you find the siz configuration at the bottom.

Thank you, ohrenkino, I found it. It's well hidden :smiley: