Billboard/iTunes Top 100

I am not sure if this is even possible but I figured I would ask here.
I want to be able to create a playlist using songs in my own library but based off of either Billboards or iTunes Top 100 songs.

Is there a way to be able to tag somewhere in my music what number if any that particular song is on the chart? I know I can do this manually but didn't know if something existed already that would do this automatically.


Where do see the relation between the billboard list and your collection?
If you have 2 lists (one is the billboard list and the other your collection of tracks) you would have to have some kind of criterion that aligns the 2 lists.
What kind of format would the billboard list export?

I could imagine something like: you export the billboard list to a text file.
You make sure that the data from the billboard list matches somehow the filename of files in your collection - you could modify the files so that the data matches ... would require that you in your collection and the billboard guys have the same way of spelling and naming conventions.
then you edit the billboard list in such a way that the data in the list becomes a reference to filenames.
You can then drag that playlist into Mp3tag and edit files there, e.g. add a billboard ranking to the data.

The biggest problem I see is that you simply do not find a matching criterion. Another problem would be that you would have to have all files in a single folder for the initial run. You may then move them to separate folders and generate a new playlist with the path-information in the file references.
So it is not impossible but tricky.
Perhaps you find a better way with using external more database-like programs that take over the matching.