Bit rate info missing

2 Tracks not displaying bit rate info

I have an mp3 album at 320KBPS, all tracks except two displaying all ID3 tag info correctly.

Two tracks only show only KBPS under bitrate....the 320 is missing....

Seems to play ok.

Under windows explorer these two tracks only show the song filename.

Is there any way to corect this ?


As the bitrate is entered by the converter it is likely that these files are either no mp3 files or they have a corrupt header.
Check them with mp3val or mp3diags (both freeware) to see if something is wrong.

Thanks, will try these program's....are they able to repair these mp3 files ? Or is there any other way of doing this...

Only two tracks from the album are like this.


mp3val can repair certain corruptions. you have to try. mp3val has a backup option to keep the original file.