Bit Rates Differ

Why does MP3Tag show the Bit Rate for some songs (see attached) as 128 but Windows 10 Explorer show 320?
Which is correct?
How can it be different?
While getting screenshots together for this, I also noticed that MP3Tag shows the length of the song as over 9 minutes but the song is barely 4 minutes.
Something seems not right.

What format has the file? If it is an mp3 VBR, then please repair the VBR header.
You may use Mp3val or Foobar2000 for that, as a suggestion.

It shows as CBR
Do your suggestions still apply?

mp3val has a scan function that analyses but does not modify files. If it reports nothing suspicious, no harm is done.

To me it looks as though the header is somehow damaged and depending on the preferences, each program picks the data it likes.
So I would say: it is worth a try.

And that seemed to work/fixed the issue
Thanks so much!