BitsPerSample field

I'm using Mp3Tag to tag Flac files (16 and 24 bits)
I'm trying to make the Vorbis comment "BitsPerSample" appear as a new column in Mp3Tag
I know how to proceed to create a new column:
but I didn't find the way to link a column to this specific field and make "16" or "24" appear
I also tried following Extras/Options and Mapping
Tag: VorbisComment
Source: BitsPerSample
Target: Test
... but then I'm lost. I do not know what to do
Note that 16 and 24 bits appears correctly in Foobar under BitsPerSample field ($info(bitspersample) in fact)
Thanks a lot for your help

If this is the real situation, having a VorbisComment of name "BitsPerSample" ...
(... which other application has written this comment entry?), ...
then it should be possible to rename this tag-field to "TEST" ...
by the Mp3tag dialog for "Tags/Mapping".

If the mapping does work, then it should be possible within Mp3tag ...
to display what is stored in the tag-field TEST, ...
by applying the content operator %TEST%.


Thanks for your help
If I understood well after search, this Vorbis comment "BitsPerSample" cannot be modified. It is a caracteristic from the file
In Foobar, you can make it appear with the syntax "$info(BitsPerSample) but you cannot modify
There is a good logic behind: If your file is 24 bits sampling; it is definitely 24 bits samples. Impossible to modify without re-encoding...
So now I youd like to make it appear in Mp3Tag as a column...
And thats why I went first in "Extras/Option/Mapping" to link this tag to a new "Test" field
...But nothing appear in the column...

Yes, because "BitsPerSample" is a technical attribute of the music data stream, it is not per se a member of the attached "Vorbis Comment".
If there would exist such a named tag-field, then someone has already fetched out the value from the music data stream and put it into a tag-field.

You can use this format string syntax in foobar to create a tag-field, e. g. named as "BPS", within in the Vorbis Comment of the FLAC file.
This way the "BPS" tag-field will become visible in Mp3tag.


"If there would exist such a named tag-field, then someone has already fetched out the value from the music data stream and put it into a tag-field."
There is something definitely not clear for me: The information 16 or 24 bits seems to be already attached to the files when downloaded.
Without any action Foobar (or Winamp) can find it
So I would like Mp3Tag to get it and show it in a comumn...
Am I definitely wrong?

Yes and no.
This information may only be available for lossless audio formats.
And MP3tag does not display all information of the audioheaders.

So if you have seen such a field in MP3tag, some other program must have created a real tag field with the contents bitrate. Otherwise you would not see it in MP3tag.

In general, you may request features. The display of this information would be such a feature.

'The information 16 or 24 bits' is not an 'attached' value, but it is an embedded technical value within the encoded physical data stream of bits and bytes.
It seems so, that fetching out this bit of information from the physical data stream needs some more coding effort, than reading just attached tag data.

You may send a request to the Mp3tag developer.