"black-slashes" ("/") & "semi-colons" (";") question


I have a question regarding the use of "black-slashes" ("/") and "semi-colons" (";").

I use the ";" to separate the names [example: Sting; Stewart Copeland; Andy Summers] of several artists on the 'artist' and 'artist album' areas in Mp3Tag (v2.43) and everything is formated correctly when I save the files. And here is the question, when I open the files in iTunes, the format has changed to using "/" [example: Sting/Stewart Copeland/Andy Summers]. Thinking it is a one-time incident, I change everything back using iTunes (which takes forever because I have to do things manually). Then I use open the files in Mp3Tag and again I am missing the ";" again. I try doing the same with with Mediamonkey and I have the same troubles.

Can anyone help me figure this out? I just want to have all my mp3 tags the same, especially when I open them from one application to another. There is no consistency. I am going crazy.

Thanks in advance.


You were right to begin with. Itunes simply "shows" the multiple artists with / between names. Other players (fb2k, etc.) show it with commas or semi colons. But the tags are correct (only display is different depending on software you are using). Notice in itunes that the files will show up under any of your multiple artists in the browser.