Blocked interface after dragging files to another application

When you drag some files to another software, interface of mp3tag is blocked until all files are loaded in the secondary app.

This scenario is really frustrating when you do it a lot, in my case I do it frequently with Audacity audio editor in background - f.ex. I edit tags in mp3tag, file after file, then I drag some files to compare in Audacity, and then I need to wait some (or a lot of) time until I can use application again. If this might be somehow fixed, that'll allow edit next files independently of the Audacity's loading progress (or any other app).

I'm talking here about Windows version of the app. I have a strong hunch that it's a Windows' UI libraries "by design" behaviour, but I'm sure there is a workaround for this :slight_smile:

Like a different workflow with a different audio editor perhaps?
Actually, I do not see much chance. Have you ever tried to load, let's say, a dozen files from ACDsee into Photoshop? You may even get a "Server does not respond" message if you are lucky.

I think it is the accepting application that slows the whole thing down.
Have you tried to drag&drop a list of audio files from MP3tag to Foobar? That goes in a jiffy - even though Foobar then processes the file data for a while. But apparently, the data transfer between these 2 programs is just text (probably something like a playlist) whereas Audacity seems to read the whole binary which takes a lot more time to load.