BMW USB Playlist

Hi, Nice program but I am an inexperienced user so please accept silly questions!

I expected the Playlist to display in my BM (2012) as a series of albums which I could drill down to the desired track but all I seem to get is a very long list of all album tracks, together.

My MP3 files are arranged by Artist then Album then Track on the USB and MP3TAG has no problem reading them in.

Is it just a setting I am missing?


You should also fill the field ALBUMARTIST. It is not unlikely that the albums are grouped by that field plus ALBUM.
Select all the albums from the same ALBUMARTIST
Enter the data for ALBUMARTIST either in the tag panel and then press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
Or press ALt-T to get the extended tags dialogue, there click on New, select ALBUMARTIST, enter the data, click OK until all dialogues are closed.

Thanks for your reply.
My data was sorted by ALBUM but there were lots of blanks in ALBUMARTIST.
Is there a way of writing to multiple fields or do I have to copy and paste individually?

Also, what happens when there are many ALBUMARTISTS on an ALBUM, as in a compilation?

Thanks again

I already described the way to get the ALBUMARTIST field filled for several files.
In a compilation the ALBUMARTIST is (by convention) "Various Artists" while you see the performing artist in the field ARTIST.
For ordinary albums, ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST are mostly the same, yet if you see a visiting artist like Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush on "Don't give up", you would put "Peter Gabriel" in ALBUMARTIST and "Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush" in ARTIST.

If you can filter out the compilations and you want to copy the contents of each ARTIST field into ALBUMARTIST, create an action of the type
"Format value" for ALBUMARTIST
Format string: %artist%

Thanks I understand the collective update process now, and have completed them.
A quick check in the car and the playlist is still one long list of Songs so I am still doing something wrong.
I have attached a copy of the m3u as a text file Music3.txt (16 KB) so you can see what I have done so far.

Thanks for your perseverance! :sunglasses:

Music3.txt (16 KB)

The question is if you really need a playlist ... perhaps if you leave that out, the car player has to sort out the tracks by some internal mechanism and may come to the desired result.

I started off that way and it could only see mp3s in the root folder and they did not list but just play from the first Title alphabetically, so completely random.
Checking online it seemed that a Playlist was the way to have organised albums with songs and the simple Playlist structure was all that was wanted. However this was from a Forum question not BMW, I can't find any detailed information on their site, I think they expect to read an iTunes playlist.

OK a little more digging in the car menus reveals that if I go into SEARCH it then lets me pull up the files by ALBUM, amongst other things, and so I can achieve what I want from there. The Playlist then becomes that Album's tracks followed by all the others, in some order I haven't bothered to understand.
Weird and not very intuitive, to me! <_<

Thanks again for your help.
Now I am going to try and find the missing Album Artwork!