Boolean custom tag

Hi there.

I have been trying to get a boolean yes/no custom tag in and am unsuccesful. I saw the support topic for Mac, but the option for "type" does not appear on my windows version, am I correct?

Thank you!

I do not think that the absence of

is the problem but that most fields feature real text.
One of the few fields that I can think of that behaves in a true/false way is Compilation

As the new options allow to define value lists, you could add the 2 values "yes" and "no" with the Manage ... function and set that these are to be preferred.

But as you say: it would be a

probably not read by a lot of players.

Thank you. It is not odd that this option is unavailable for windows, as I saw it in the Mac version.

Anyway, indeed, not read by a lot of players, but I am fiddling with it to get it to work in Roon and this came up. Thanks

AFAIK there are only the itunes fields
and they all behave in the same way: set the value to 1 so that the field present at all or delete the field altogether.
Os I would say that there are no real boolean fields. The windows version looks like it is closer to the implementation of the ID3 standard.
But I see what you mean.
You would have to create a tag panel field with a list of user-defined values to make it behave like an on/off field.