BPM detector software on Mac and BPM tag problem


I have recently discovered your software and have to say it is what i needed big big thank you to all of you guys developing it! Thank you!

I have run into one small problem as I use a BPM detector it saves BPM info somewhere where itunes detects it and displays correctly on my mac. I can not for some reason however bet it to display in mp3tag. I'm attaching link to the file [...] for reference if you could have a look at it and tell me what am I doing wrong.

Thank you

Looks like itunes uses ID2v3 tag and mp3tag reads only ID3 tags, is that even possible?

Go to "View > Extended Tags" to see the tag.


I could not see it there but I found that reason was that I marked to read both ID3 and APE tags, once I read only ID3 then the BPM comes up all right. Bit of work around but it works for me. Thx a mil!


If APE and ID3 tags are out of sync then you should get rid of the APE tags or rewrite them with MP3tag.

I figured that was the issue and they were not in sync and mp3tag was showing for some reason an empty APE instead of filled with value ID3v2 tag.

Thank you for help!