BPM halver/doubler

Ok, I just swapped to MP3Tag from Tag&Rename. The feature set is amazing and the customizations available make this the most capable tagger ever.

I have just one request, a way to halve or double the BPM field of ID3V2. Alot of BPM tagging software doubles Hip-Hop and Techno.

I'm not sure if this possible already with Regex or a macro. If anyone has any insight, I'm all ears.

Thanks again for the great program!

I figured it out myself after some poking around...

New Action Group (name it whatever you want)
New Action
Select "Format Value"
Select "BPM" for the field
Type "$div(%BPM%,2)

It works perfectly!

How do you multiply by 2?

Did you have a look at the documentation?

Something like

I was going to dig in and look for the operators. Thanks

Changed div to mul and voila.