BPM in FLAC files

Hi Guys, first of all I wish you a pretty good new year!

At the end of last summer I switched to handly my music from MP3 To FLAC format. The update of meta data of FLAC files works great with MP3Tag, I am very satisfied.

My question/problem: Sometimes I work as DJ and need the BPM information of a Song. Until now, I did not find a tool comparable to Mixmeister BPM analyzer for FLAC files.
A workaround actually is tagging the BPM-value for all songs with Virtual DJ's own functionality, but as a result, the value is stored in the Virtual DJ database and NOT in the song itself.

What I like to do: I like to export the BPM value of FLAC files out of the VirtualDJ database and then use a script of M3Tag for importing that values. My goal is to finally see the BPM value within Windows File Explorer.

Has anyone an idea? All comments are welcome!

Foobar2000 has a plug-in for BPM analysis that also treats flac files.
Yet, if the goal ist

then it would be worthwhile to investigate first of all whether the file explorer would show that kind of metadata at all.
I have not yet succeeded to display for flac files BPMs as column in the WE.